Command Any Story

During the Community Partnership Annual Convention (last week) I found myself engaging in conversations that community action agencies must command any story.  I also had many conversations about whether or not our system was ROMA NG Ready.  The conference week focused in great detail about ROMA NG and certainly was on everyone’s mind.  I was excited to reply with a resounding YES, we are ROMA NG ready.  Super conference week.  We always look forward to connecting with our existing customers and having the opportunity to begin new relationships.  

FROM THE DESK OF Lisa Pindar, Project Development and Training

Several looks of disbelief lead me to share that we try to stay ahead of the needs of our customers.  After all, that’s the only way to ensure potential customers, and our existing customers, that we have everything in place they need to make the impending transition into everything ROMA NG.  

As a matter of fact, we have customers that went ROMA NG LIVE on July 1, 2017.  CAPTAIN is handling all of their data storage in preparation for their first report submission when they need it.  

In a world riddled with flat funding or lost funding, program teams continue meeting the needs of the clients they serve.  Teams must find a way to command any story.  They need to achieve this while eliminating redundancy surrounding data management and employing time efficiencies.  I know our customers need to feel this constantly.  They need to feel their team has the advantage over all that data.  Helping our clients tell their stories to community partners and funders has never been more important. 

In fact, their funding depends on it.  

  • Your impact deserves the spotlight. 
  • It’s the place where every client story matters. 
  • It is the fuel for all your reporting needs. 

Being able to command any story means that your system should change what you pay attention to. 


You need a system that helps you stop using team time to aggregate unique counts for a fund report, or figuring out what type of client you’ve been serving.  It should also help you decide if you should write that recent RFP that landed in your mailbox.  We’ve learned by listening to our clients that the data they store allows them to set it and forget it.  Until they need to see it.  Then they go after it.

Our global customer community enjoys an evidence-based case management system in the cloud.  No location dependency empowers them to store it once and use it as frequently as needed.  Whenever.  Wherever. 

  • Unduplicated NEW (ROMA NG) CSBG Annual Report.
  • Specific program fund reporting.
  • BOD Reports that demonstrates overall, total service and outcome achievements, by program, with important demographics for planning.
  • Automatic presumptive eligibility determination by the system once the intake data has been stored.  Ensure all the internal or external referrals you want to manage are completed without any additional data entry tasks.  Eliminate Redundancy. 
  • Engage in a culture of insight and measurement that will help teams deliver services that are easily identified and/or needed. Your system should manage them all AND provide an overall assessment of individual client or family movement toward self-sufficiency or stability.   Evidence-based Case Management.
  • Unlimited query feature where you can get any unique, reliable data report you need at a moment’s notice and export it right then and there.  

Making it all work together, PRICELESS.


During the convention agency participants worked the room reading from a list of unique attributes the vendors shared about themselves.  It was a great activity and all the participants were having fun while we helped them.  We put a spin on the activity by sharing a hint!

Here’s the hint:  Our unique quality is the #1 reason why we are able to help foster customer success using CAPTAIN.  It’s a very deep level of support and expertise we bring to them when we join their team. And we’re darn proud of it, too! 

Here’s the unique reason:  In order to be considered for employment with our company, a candidate must be able to demonstrate at least 10 years of community action agency experience in a role of responsibility.   Prerequisite experience is a must.  We are you!  We all come from community action!

Our customer-centric approach to system development and design for our global customers has a system in place that affords them the flexibility and customization they need which leaves nothing to chance.  Yes, you can command any story.  We mentor in the post-design stage with an early roll-out focus on what reporting needs to be supported by the system.  Once our customer focuses there, we can participate with them and ensure they are storing all the necessary data to be 100% report reliable when that time comes.  

We are immersed in our customer community because we know they unlock the true value of our system every day.  Those close customer relationships are how we differentiate ourselves.  We understand you need data you can rely on; and we are responsible to make certain you can get there as quickly and as simply as possible. 

Visit our website for more independent information research.  Also, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.  We don’t use autoresponders.  We are LIVE and ready to help you during your discovery phase.  Let us connect you to an expert in your area of interest.  

Reference:  Our CSBG reporting features support all the client-based reporting requirements as approved by CSBG Annual Report as detailed in  IM 152 CSBG Annual Report , released by OCS on January 20, 2017.