About Us

A Message from our CEO, at CAP Systems, Inc.™

“At CAP Systems, Inc.™, it is our mission to provide enterprise client data management software and solutions that are second to none. Our 40 years of building systems of this nature has yielded the system of today, which is a proven product with significant depth and robust functionality. No human service program is too small as we will work to design a solution that fits a customer’s particular needs. Our work with the bigger human services agencies is proven over many years of service to state and county human service programs.”

- Brian Cayer

Our History

CAP Systems, Inc.™ has been providing software for Community Action, Human Service, and Head Start Agencies for more than 40 years.

Initially the company was called Processing Management Inc. and was succeeded by CAP Systems, Inc.™ (CAPS) in 1989. Originally in the consulting and custom systems development business, PMI/CAPS developed systems for many Fortune 500 companies and United Nations Agencies. The company is financially sound with long term contractual customer relationships and a steady pattern of growth. This growth is the result of a continuing investment in new technology and a commitment to providing our customers with the most powerful tools available.

Our original Financial System, designed in 1972 for Community Action Agencies, was the first fund accounting system in the nation. The system has expanded over the years to include modules that address every aspect of the fiscal and administrative functions of Community Action. Today CAPS is involved in the development of software for:

Our product is CAPTAIN® (Community Action Program Total Automated Information Network).

CAPTAIN® is Web-based (available over the Internet) through our Application Service Provider (ASP) program.

Our home office is located in Ipswich, MA where we support a nationwide customer base of installed agencies. We understand the challenges you face in order to manage your data for reporting to multiple funding sources. Our developers work with Community Action and Head Start Agencies on a daily basis in order to be totally immersed in the issues and activities surrounding data management. Our Customer Care, Training and Technical Support are led by experience-rich staff with at least 15 years of veteran experience working in community action.

A Whole New Case Management World

At CAP Systems, Inc.™ we build Case Management Software Systems for Human Service and Community Action Agencies under an enterprise model. This approach allows our customers to deploy a solution across the agency that is common and opens the door to agency wide reporting. In addition the CAPTAIN®® enterprise is made up of several sub-systems that have the depth and functionality to run several of the funded programs that are common to Human Service and Community Action Agencies. When you combine a common intake across the agency with sub-systems that have significant depth and functionality the result is CAPTAIN®® Enterprise Case Management Software!

CAP Systems, Inc.™ has been continuously involved in the development of software for Head Start, LIHEAP, Child Care, Energy Assistance, Weatherization, Information and Referral, Family Needs Assessment, Outcomes and Results Measurements, Case Management, Benefits Administration, Client Tracking, CSBG Reporting, Analysis of Client Characteristics, Health, and many more activities typically associated with Community Action and Head Start.