CAPTAIN expands state-wide system clients in Oklahoma

Our agency was interested in the CAPTAIN software so that we could make sure our clients received every service they are eligible for at our agency. We also wanted to make referrals to external agencies like Human Services so that the clients could receive those benefits.

Our relationship with CAP Systems has exceeded our wildest imagination. Brian Cayer, CEO, has worked with us every step of the way to make sure that the system is set up to give us everything we need.

We have expanded the program to include eight agencies and they have provided excellent support to make sure that each agency’s needs and way of doing business are incorporated into the design. The agencies have had other dreams for the data and CAP Systems has made them all happen. This level of support is not available to us like this with any other data system that we participate in.

The years and years that they have spent refining the system makes so many things possible that others don’t think of. You couldn’t do better.  –  Dr. Jean Cooper, Executive Director, Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency, Jay, Oklahoma