Case Management Conversion to dot NET or SQL

Brian Cayer, CAP Systems President and CEO announced late yesterday that the development team has completed the CAPTAIN Case Management conversion to the .NET/SQL platform.

“The conversion has gone smoothly and phase one testing of the system was done by the CAP Systems Help Desk Staff with input from our Customer Care team.”

With the .NET/SQL version of the CAPTAIN System Administration module completed and tested teams were driven to bring the next phase of the conversion to an end. Cayer continued, “There are so many different discussion points with this new version. It immediately opens the door to customers where their only barrier to using our product was the technology. This new technology platform satisfies the requirements of IT Directors.

Our new Service Planning tool was built to bridge the gap between Needs Assessment and Services. This new feature gives programs the ability to manage service plans and followup on activities and milestones. New or existing customers can now access a disciplined plan to assist case managers in moving clients through their program and on the road to self sufficiency. Our customers wanted that; however, we didn’t stop there. This very robust feature now ties the client’s service planning to their existing services and outcomes. The same data is managed from two different perspectives and we’re very excited about that. Any time we can develop a feature that saves our customer time and cuts their cost – we do it.

We did this while still maintaining the power of 100% User Customization. Regardless of the program or funding source requirements, things change. The data our customers need to manage today will be different tomorrow. Our customers are ready to handle the need for those changes without impacting what they have already done.

Timing was crucial during this phase of the project. We have an existing customer base of high-end Users who are always asking me what is next. While completing the Case Management Conversion System Analysts helped the development team create a tool that will convert the data from the prior version to sql to make the transition to the new system smoother for our existing customers.”